What is Yoga + Therapy

How Does it Work?

Yoga works in many ways: it helps the body to have strength to face the world with a posture of confidence and ease. It helps the body to be flexible so that we can be resilient rather than stuck. It helps us to see our habituated ways of doing things so we can try something new.

Yoga+Therapy is an integrative method of practice that bridges traditional talk therapy and yoga together through movement and discussion. This gives you an opportunity to build a mind/body/soul connection. We do this by incorporating movement and connection to the physical body, noticing what you need and trusting that intuition.

My approach to therapy involves integrating traditional talk therapy with mindfulness, meditation, breath work and gentle yoga. The types of movement, yoga and breath work approaches are gentle and restorative and can be modified for all bodies. Some prefer sessions primarily made up of gentle yoga and movement, others prefer mostly to talk with some exploration of breath and mindfulness, while the majority enjoy some combination of these approaches. You are always in charge of what we do and what you are comfortable exploring.

Tele-health sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly and are 50 or 60 minutes long.