What is Yoga + Therapy


I’m sure you’ve heard all the incredible benefits yoga can have on physical, mental, and spiritual health. But what about yoga AND therapy together?

There are a number of reasons why a person gathers the courage to set up their first session with a therapist — a place to organize their thoughts, discomfort with present circumstances or emotions, a compelling to grow, etc.

When you add yoga to the equation, this creates the mind-body connection.

Research has proven that talk therapy alone has less effectiveness than talk therapy and movement type therapy together!

The body stores so many memories, emotions, stories, and experiences that it can be sometimes hard to connect or process these memories just by using talk therapy.

How Does it Work?

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Certified Yoga Instructor with a specialization in Trauma-Informed Yoga. I work with women and BIPOC to alleviate the stress of life’s challenges with yoga practices and talk therapy.

Every tele-health session starts with a physical yoga practice, which lays the foundation for an open mind and body, as we transition into talk therapy. We end with a short meditation as you prepare to embark on your daily practice off of the mat.

I tailor every aspect of this process to YOU - your experiences, your needs, your goals. I would never push you to talk about something you’re not ready to talk about, and I would never push you into a yoga pose you’re not ready for.

Tele-health sessions can be weekly or bi-weekly and are 50 or 60 minutes long. Prices are the following:

I can't wait to work with you!


*Yoga+Therapy will return early 2022 (please reach out via email for more information)